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Create/Fix Input Web forms,Word Forms,pdf forms, Input, document protection, database build/Business applications, Microsoft Word Forms, PDF input Fields, Protected Input, Secure Web Forms, Protected Documents-Agreements-Proposals, Data Collection

We create and modify fill-in-the-blank Microsoft Word®, PDF and online web forms in protected format for your business or non-profit needs.

Use protected documents or forms with fill-in blanks for repetitive data entry to fill in variable fields for:

notices, applications, agreements, proposals, contracts, letters, database, registration, membership data, rentals, individual and company records.

Protect other parts of the document, clean input data by edit checks, prompt the user (pull down list), get consistent results.

Great for contractor agreements, proposals, customized sales brochures, for club membership data, document customization, registration, rentals, call-in applications, such as for sales orders, credit or vendor files creation or agreements. You can print, scan or save as files, or set up a local database or online web databases to store the input. Pull-down lists and field edit checks avoid mistakes.

We set up CUSTOM SURVEYS to directly store results in spreadsheets.

Forms with fill-in blanks are under-utilized to acquire information in a useful reliable format, such as clarifying legal information to be sure the documents are consistent and not accidently changed. Perfect for proposals and applications with variable information.

Let Buyers's Group BG Forms help you protect and upgrade or customize your Microsoft Word forms for easy fill-in of fields with automatic field (blank) advance, to print or print and save for presentations, brochures, proposals or agreements.

You can use forms to SAVE MONEY, even letting prospects and visitors fill in a form on a PC in your Lobby or waiting area (BG Design can help set it up as an online form, for local or remote entry. Let them rough it in, without risking the form being corrupted. Then print it out and go over with them to fix up any mistakes.) Form data can be immediately available remotely or across country.

We are specialists in creation and repair of Webforms, Webmail, web input forms and membership or customer login forms.

We update web forms for better security, New Captcha human-input validation.

We fix focus problems for mobile site forms, when they malfunction or are difficult to use, such as on Apple devices or Iphones.

BG Forms is a division of Buyers' Group MG, a small business established in 1985, now Buyers' Group Marketing Group.
Our small business services divisions are complimentary, handling:

to aid small business web presence, forms and Webmaster needs (except network management and accounting).

BG Forms is complimentary to BG Design web design & maintenance specializing in website designs for maintainability, shopping carts and online applications, databases, membership systems, and downloadable purchases, such as music for musicians and contractor forms.

Some of our clients provide music, contractor forms, association memberships, as well as streamlined sales order forms that can avoid difficulties of shopping carts for smaller numbers of product or low complexity.

Sell More & Put the Labor on the User/Visitor: This SAVES TIME AND MONEY and hassle for small organizations on a limited budget. Offering partial samples of forms, documents, or music for download can help protect valuable or private information, and help your customers. This goes hand-in hand with our Web Design services.

FORMS for applications, quick input, quick questions, secure email for easy orders (avoiding shopping carts) and such can help site visitors at the moment they need input or prompting. Online forms often have pull-down lists, which can aid ordering or inquiries.

FORMS for sales people, the office, service and customer support groups can gather information and applications online or from callers, where a pre-formatted form with prompt fields in Word can quickly create a more reliable document without losing parts of it by editing mistakes. If that is not enough for support, you should add a "Trouble ticket System" so managers can monitor responses.

Quickie forms for quickie Questions and Comments should be handy, right where a visitor might need help, or even Surveys added have been shown to greatly increase website stickiness, the involvment essential for sales. If that is not enough, also add an Online Chat Support to your site. These have been shown to increase sales.

If you need to update or customize your Microsoft Word forms for easy fill-in of fields with automatic field (blank) advance, to print or print and save for presentations or agreements, BG Forms can help you. Just email us or call us at 972-231-8112

Sample Forms

Click on link to see example of Forms with Fill in Blanks.

CONVENIENCE - Consistency - Form Protection- Security That's what Good forms are about.


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