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BG Forms is a division of Buyers' Group MG, originally Buyer Group, a small marketing business established in 1985, 28 years since fist registered as BG Design in Dalals area, Texas.

BG Forms is complimentary to BG Design web design and maintenance specializing in web site designs for maintainability, shopping carts and online applications, databases and membership systems, and downloadable purchases, such as music for musicians and contractor forms.

The principles of Buyers' Group MG are highly experienced in business, with honors B. Sci. Degrees from University of Texas, Pan American. They have managed major projects and corrected troublesome systems for big companies. They have worked with computers continuously since 1970.

When you need the right reliable solution to your problems, based on real business knowledge, designed for reliability, contact us.

To protect and upgrade or customize your Microsoft Word forms for easy fill-in of fields with automatic field (blank) advance, to print or print and save for presentations or agreements, BG Forms can help you. Just email us or call us at 972-231-8112 (leave message for prompt call back)

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CONVENIENCE - Consistency - Form Protection- Security That's what Good forms are about.