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Protected Forms - Word, PDF and Web forms

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about protected documents as fill in the blank forms.

Q: How do forms help a business?
Ans: Documents can become messed up when they are not "protected". Microsoft and Adobe both created options for protecting forms while leaving blank fields for variable information. These fields automatically advance when filled. This works much like forms on a web page. Web forms have more intelligence capability that can be built in for prompting, selecting from pull-down lists and so on that we are all familiar with. Errors are avoided by edit check on input.

Q:Can we still update the forms?
Ans: The documents have a log-in security password like a protected document in Microsoft Word. This protected document simply has fields that you designate as not protected, for input. You can edit the forms as usual for major changes. The point of protected forms is for users inexperienced with the document, or if the document is frequently used to collect data or make presentations or proposals.

Q: Can we put secure documents online and still have input?
Ans: Yes. These act much like forms you fill out online, that you frequently see.

Q: Can we get input or data, applications or Transportation documents filled out by customers and sent to us or filed somehow?

Ans: Remote agreements and shipping documents like Return Material or Transport documents or warranty claims can be filled out online remotely, the result printed and create an email and/or file into your designated mailbox or folder online.

Q: What is the best or most common use for these forms?
Ans: These forms are good for repetitive data entry to fill in variable fields in important documents..

Q: What are some other uses of these protected input forms?
Ans: They are excellent for agreements, acknowledgement of notices, proposals, brochures, membership or credit applications, registration, rentals, filling out call-in info on vendors or other profiles.

Q: Can we put word documents online to be filled out?
Ans: Yes.

Q; Do these work well for service, fulfillment or shipping documents?
Ans: Yes, and you save by putting more of the burden on the person requesting something or at the point of need or shipping. Even better, you save transferring it by typing it again, thereby increasing accuracy. A staff person can still review the info for correctness and correct it.

Q: What about where the information to be filled in can be a number of different things that must be correct and our way?
Ans: That's perfect for these, like online forms, using pull down lists of exactly what you need entered. These also act as great reminders and educate the user as to how you do things and the breadth of your offerings. That can help sales where used in the sales process.

Q: What about membership applications or entry forms, such as for an event or contest?
Ans: This is another good place to use these forms, because you need information and acknowledgments, and maybe even entry or password to enter a secure area of a website. Since our main business is website maintenance since 2002, with associations and other secure online area needs clients, we are experienced in these uses and can do them correctly for you.

Q: Can we do form letters for mailing or emails to different groups or types of prospects or clients?
Ans: yes, this can even be a combination, partly from your records, such as Quickbooks, and partly filled in by office staff, to give a very custom look. We are also experienced in doing email publishing from your list, often using Vertical Response, a leader in the field.

Q: What kind of Webforms and Website Input forms work do you do?
Ans: We've been doing all kinds of webforms and formmail with security Captcha for over ten years. We create and repair all kinds of webforms, including Contact, Application and membership, data collection, Inquiry and other forms. We repair forms that don't work right on Mobile devices, where they lose focus or are difficult to operate or access parts of the form to move it, expand it, etc. Use us when you want good-looking, reliable web forms.

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