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Protectd Forms Pricing, Fees

Wordtm Pricing and Fees for Services: Repair, Creation, Modification of
Protected-Field Microsoft Word and Adobe Documents, Secure Web Forms, Watermarking and other Document Protection

We create and modify fill-in-the-blank Microsoft Word®, PDF and online web forms in protected format for your business or non-profit needs.

Service Fees range from $35 per hour (most) to $45 per hour.

  • Create Microsoft Word and Adobe Protected Field Input Forms --------$35/hr
  • Create Watermarked or other protection for documents ----------------$35/hr
  • Create Web Input Forms, web-mail- Standard --------------------------- $35/hr
  • Create or Repair WebForms, web-mail- Complex or PHP --------------- $45/hr
  • Repair Webforms focus problems ----- Usually $35 per hour, Complex $45/hr.

page. Most of those are at the same base rate of $35 per hour. BUT, this is for standard html pages, not overly complex, no Java or PHP programming, such as in possible menu changes.

BG Forms is part of BG Design, div. Buyers' Group MG specializing in Business website designs for better maintainability, shopping carts and online applications, databases, membership systems, and downloadable purchases, such as music for musicians and contractor forms.

For quick webform repairs or Word forms creation email us or call us at 972-231-8112

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CONVENIENCE - Consistency - Form Protection- Security That's what Good forms are about.